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information before ordering

What are your artwork file requirements?

Click HERE for to view our artwork requirements guide.

How do I take photos of my vehicle?

Click HERE for our guide on taking vehicle photos.

We will also need the year, make, and model of your vehicle.

What is a Pantone color and why do I need one?

PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® (PMS) is a standardized ink matching systems that is used for color reproduction. This method was adopted in professional printing to assure color accuracy across different materials and printing methods. Pantone Color Codes should be included along with all artwork. Example: PMS 485C - denotes a fire red color.


Click HERE for other frequently asked design questions.

How do I prep my vehicle for install?

Vehicles need to be cleaned, dried, and stripped of any wax before wrapping. While bringing a cleaned vehicle is helpful to our installers, it is not necessary.

How do I measure my vehicle?

A good place to measure a vehicle is at the door seams, and from the bottom of the door window to the bottom of the vehicle. This will provide a height and width to our designers so they can design your vehicle to scale.

(NOTE: for box trucks, measure the height and width of the box, not the cab doors)

When sending the measurements to Sales, please do not send photos of your tape measure on the vehicle. These measurements will be unclear. Instead just write the measurements you took in an email, this will avoid confusion.

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