Graphic Design is a collaborative process between artist and customer.  Ewing Graphics specializes in high impact design with clear, concise communication.  Striving to meet the balance between cutting edge design and the 4 seconds your demographic has to read it at 60 mph going down the highway, Ewing Graphics is skilled in prioritizing your message, your design into this medium.


If you already have graphics for your vehicle or have a franchise where they supply it to you, Ewing Graphics and their state of the art facility is ready to install it for you.  Certified at 3M, the installers are trained in the art and science of vinyl graphics installation.  With the newest technology, tools and training, Ewing Graphics is ready for your project no matter how big or small.


"There are two creations:  a mental and a physical."  -- Stephen Covey

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As a New York based graphics company we cover all of the North Eastern United States but we can install literally anywhere within the continental United States. Contact Us today!!

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