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Logo Design

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Design New Logo

Need a new logo for your business? Our designers are here and ready to help. We'll make sure your logo stands out among competition and matches the spirit of your unique business.


Redesign Existing Logo

Do you have an existing logo, but it needs a refresh? Our designs will make sure your new logo is not only eye catching, but also recognizable to loyal customers.


Convert Existing Logo to Vector

Do you have an existing logo, but have lost the vector version of that logo? Do not worry! Our designers will happily remake your exact logo so it is ready for any use. 

Designing New Logos

The best businesses are unmistakable—and unforgettable. Your logo is arguably one of your organization’s most important assets. It gives your organization an identity, makes your business memorable, encourages consumers to buy from you, and supports your marketing. We will help your business stand out by developing fresh, original designs that will make a lasting impression.

mose a.jpg
Step One

Customers provide our designers with initial design requirements. This includes any desired colors, images, or fonts that should be incorporated in the logo. Customers will also share specific styles (i.e. modern, vintage, minimalist, etc.) they may want for their logo. Knowing a little about what type of services the business offers is also helpful to our designers. Basically the more information the better! Once we have gathered enough information, our designers will start putting together your logo.

mose b.jpg
Step Two

During this stage, the customer will provide our designers with revisions. This allows to customer to change anything they do not like about the logo and ensure our designers produce the best possible logo for that customer. 

mose c.jpg
Step Three

Once the logo is approved, customers will be sent an email containing all of their corresponding logo files (pdf, jpeg, and png). This allows customers to use their new logo with ease and without fear of losing image quality.

Customer Examples


Redesigning Existing Logos

When redesigning any logo, it is crucial to maintain the recognizability of the logo. If your customer cannot tell who you are, how will they be able to support your business? Here at Ewing Graphics we understand the importance of a well designed logo, not only for you to stand out from competition, but to embody the essence of your company. Our goal here is for your logo to be functional and unique. Your logo should feel like it was designed for you.

Fields Family Decals_6in.jpg
Fields Family Decals.jpg

Customer Examples



Converting Existing Logos to Vector

When running a business, it is important to cut costs wherever you can. Here at Ewing, we can help you with that. We will recreate an exact copy of your logo in vector format, which you can then use when ordering custom apparel and advertising for your business. A vector file preserves the modifiability and clarity of your artwork. This means that your logo can be modified for specific mediums and scaled to any size without sacrificing image quality, in turn reducing any artwork fees that might have been incurred to fix the previously mentioned issues. 

Customer Examples

Logo 2023.jpg


Logo 2023 j.jpg


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