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You have questions and we have answers!

We are here for you when you have vehicle wrapping concerns.

How much is a vehicle wrap?

It really varies! Each job is custom so all estimates are heavily based on time and materials. Please give us a few days to create an accurate quote for you and your business.

What artwork can I use on my vehicle?

Though we know you love the artwork on your website, we need to make sure that your vehicle has graphics that are high resolution. We are happy to help you create high resolution graphics right here at Ewing!

For more information click here

How do I install my decals?

We would love to install your decals for you, however, if you chose to install yourself we have composed a simple guide on what steps you'll have to take to insure your decals will last.

Click here for our guide

How do I get my vehicle ready for install?

We need the vehicle clean, dry, and with no wax. It would be very helpful to us if you could strip off all the wax and wash the vehicle the day before you bring it in.

How long will my vehicle graphics last?

Our graphics are warrantied to last 5-7 years according to our vinyl suppliers at Arlon and 3M but it depends on how much sun they are exposed to. UV rays will hurt your graphics.

How should I wash my vehicle after I receive a wrap?

Hand washing is best. You can use a pressure washer but make sure you don't accidentally lift up the vinyl on your wrap.

How do I remove vehicle graphics?

With patience and elbow grease! We are happy to help remove any graphics you need but here is a quick guide on how to remove decals yourself.

What materials do you use to wrap vehicles?

We use Arlon or 3M High Performance Vinyl.

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