Banners & Name Plates

Ewing Graphics can print nylon banners for your event or for great looking temporary signage.  We can create up to 58" wide x 15' long, hemmed and grommeted.  We can also create eye-catching name plates and directional signage for your organization. 

Graphics Design


This is where it all starts.  There are two creations: a mental and a physical.  You want to have the mental figured out before the physical.  Otherwise you get numerous change orders.  So we begin with the end in mind.


We train our designers to use color, perspective, contrast, negative space, prioritization of copy and more to create a winning design that will get  your message across to your target audience.

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As a New York based graphics company we cover all of the North Eastern United States but we can install literally anywhere within the continental United States. Contact Us today!!

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