Graphics FAQs


Q. How much is a vehicle wrap?

A. It really varies; each job is custom. All estimates are based on time and materials.



Q. I have artwork for my website. Can I send you that to use on my vehicle?

A. Maybe, although it's generally too low resolution to blow up and put on a vehicle.

Here's a link to some information




Q. I received decals. How do I install them?

A. Here are some instructions.




Q. What should I do to get my vehicle ready for install?

A. We need the vehicle clean, dry and no wax. It would be very helpful to us if you could strip all the wax off and wash the vehicle the day before you bring it in.


Q. How long do vehicle graphics last?

A. It depends on how much sun they're exposed to. UV rays punish vehicle graphics.

More information can be found here


Q. I received a vehicle wrap. How should I wash my vehicle?

A. Hand washing is best. You can use a pressure washer, but be careful of the angles. You don't want to lift up the vinyl.


Q. How do I remove vehicle graphics?

A. Here is a document that explains the process.